Kristin (kristypadalecki) wrote,

With A Little Help From My Friends ♥

Hi guys! Yay, it's friday, I'm SO glad. I hope everyone will be able to enjoy the Easter holiday with friends & family. *HUGS*

Did those who watched enjoy last night's Supernatural episode? I really loved it and thought it was awesome!

Btw, I hope everyone who is at the JIB convention is having a blast! I can't wait to read your reports and melt looking at your photos. =)

I have another request for you all. I have nominated a second SPN icon maker @ the magicawards and she really needs some recognition! light_ofmy_life @ paper_palace, who was featured in my very first 'favorite SPN icon makers' post is so deserving. Her graphics are just beautiful, and I wish more people would stop by when she posts something new to let her know that her work is loved. ♥

Here is my post for her, if you wouldn't mind taking a moment and voting that would be awesome. Thanks to everyone who has voted for sweetgirl7808 as well, it's much appreciated. :D

Tags: f-list, icons, supernatural

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