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Missing Something Wonderful :(

My fellow Thewlisians~ mandy_thewlis & tannim_ are attending a premiere of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas today in Indianapolis, Indiana where David Thewlis will be appearing!! I am sure they will probably get to meet and hang out with him and I'm so depressed that I can't be there :(. I had the chance to go but I let my fears of flying and being in large crowds of people get in the way. I'm so ashamed that I have these problems, as they keep me from getting the chance to experience wonderful things like this premiere.

I did write David a letter that they are going to give to him, but I have no guarantee that he will ever read it or anything. I hope they are having an awesome time though, and I can't wait to read all about their experiences and everything I missed out on *cries*.
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