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Experimental Icons

First off, let me just say, that I am a certified iconaholic (is that a word?) <3! I love icons and admire those who make them. Today I was experimenting and trying my hand at creating some of my own. I have never been very good at this sort of thing so I've been checking out the tutorials and giving it a go. I fell in love with these new photos of Michael Shanks and there were some lovely photos of David Thewlis from the San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain, and a couple of new Remus Lupin photos that I had to use as well :). I've only created these six so far.

I would love some feedback as I have no idea how good or bad these are :/. If you like them, please feel free to take them as long as you credit me! And if anyone out there actually likes these and would be interested in more, please let me know :D.


Thewlis Rox
Michael Shanks Online

Tags: david thewlis, icons, michael shanks, tutorials

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