March 7th, 2010

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A Meme Of Sorts

This is a meme that came from bjtp's journal and she gave me five things associated with myself, and wanted me to share on my journal what they mean to me.

Here it goes:

David Thewlis
I first remember seeing David Thewlis in the film, Restoration quite a few years ago and he totally captured my attention immediately. Even though his role was small, I could tell he was something special. Some years later I found out that he was going to portray Remus Lupin (my fave character) in the HP films and I was beyond thrilled. After watching him in PoA I fell hard and have since seen almost every movie he's ever been in. He is an incredible talent and very kind & genuine in person. ♥

Harry Potter
I have been a fan of the Harry Potter series for a while now. The books are completely addictive and so fun to read! I really relate to all the characters and I enjoy all of the magic and fantasy aspects of it. The movies have been wonderful to watch and experience as well. My favorite book/film has always been PoA, because my favorite character, Remus Lupin, was introduced in that particular one. :D

Jared Padalecki
I first noticed Jared while watching House of Wax and thought he was completely adorable. Unfortunately, for me, I didn't notice or realize that he was involved with SPN until it had been on for four years! *fail* I was rather late in coming into the fandom, but after watching 5 minutes of the pilot episode, I was totally hooked. Jared's portrayal of Sam Winchester is amazing. He is an incredible talent and has been such a joy to watch over these five seasons of SPN. I think he has been brilliant from day one and has only gotten better as the show goes on. I think he has a wonderful career ahead of him, he is such a beautiful actor (if you haven't seen him in Christmas Cottage you must grab a copy and watch it ASAP). He has completely stolen my heart and I'm not sure I'll ever get it back! ♥♥

Medical Transcription
I have worked on and off as a medical transcriptionist for some years and I really enjoy it. It's bascially listening to a doctor's dictation of a patient's exam, surgery, etc. and typing it out in a certain format. I realize it probably doesn't sound very exciting to some of you, but it's a decent job. You have to know a lot of medical terminology and, more importantly, how to spell it! Not always easy. O.o

New York
Unfortunately, I don't live anywhere too thrilling like New York City. I live in upstate New York and it's actually rather boring. I can tell you that there are many annoying people and an abundance of traffic like New York City, without the fun shops and interesting tourist attractions. *lol* One thing I really enjoy about living in this part of New York is that at times, we do get a lot of SNOW! ^^

Hey, is anyone watching the Oscars tonight?