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Meme: Day 8

It's the last day of the current meme I've been doing for the past seven days, so here is my final entry.

Day 8: I am most happy today because my brother finally made it home safe and sound! :D I'm so relieved, it's been a rough and stressful few days. He will be able to stay through January 4th so we'll have a nice long visit with him. It's a good thing because I have no idea when the next time any of us will get to see him will be.

I just had my dog, Damon outside in the snow and got some really cute pics of him <3! I will try and post them sometime over the next few days.

We still have not made any cookies but with all of the craziness that's been going on there hasn't been a lot of time. It doesn't really matter, it's not like we don't have any other goodies to eat! :D I usually make this dessert called death by chocolate, which is a layering of brownies, chocolate pudding, Skor bars and whipped cream. *yummy*
Tags: brother, christmas, damon, meme

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