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Missing Sara :(

I'm really having a difficult time today- alot of mixed emotions with this impending 'getting a new dog' situation. I miss my dog, Sara so very much that I'm just falling apart inside :(. I so don't want to get another dog right now. I am afraid to get attached to it and then have to go through the pain of losing yet another dog someday. I've never experienced this deep hurt before, even though I've had other dogs in the past. My Sara was sick for weeks before her death and it was so painful to watch her go downhill and think we were helping her and then finding out we weren't doing the right things. By the time we found out what those things were it was too late to save her. She died at the vet hospital and we weren't even with her, and it breaks my heart that we couldn't have been with her during her last moments on this earth...

Tags: death, dog, sad, sara

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